“Always Your Turn” at MPISCC (WE)Con 2016

In January, Wise Guys co-founder Myles Nye was invited to present a session at Meeting Professional International’s Weekend Education Conference for the Southern California Chapter. Here is the Keynote for the presentation, “Always Your Turn: Games and Gamification for Meeting and Events Professionals.”

We opened the session with this Danish clapping game, which is now taking Southern California by storm.

Other sources we discussed:

Jane McGonigal‘s two TED talks
Training game guru Thiagi
“Gamification” as explained by Jesse Schell

We broke up the session with a Minute to Win It game, “Face the Cookie.” Many more are available on YouTube.

For digital games you can play on phones and devices in meetings (should you want to), we recommend the excellent Spaceteam by Sleeping Beast Games and Tiny Games from Hide & Seek.

We concluded with a demo game of Fly Paper and a discussion of how the Balloominati hacked and “broke” our game by moving tables around the room.

Thanks to MPI SCC for inviting us to be part of the session, and to all the attendees. What other games for meeting and events should we have included?


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