Back at it


Good morning everyone, and welcome back to work! We hope you had a great holiday weekend, that you presently have all your fingers at toes, or at least a plurality, and that you have your pets scheduled for therapy after a long, traumatic weekend of neighbors setting off explosions.Returning to work after a holiday weekend

Playtest Day


Saturday was an exciting day at Wise Guys labs: we broke the seal on a new team building offering that will be available starting in the spring. Most of our new products start like this: Greg and I design, tinker, try stuff on each other, but then we put it in the hands of volunteers

All I Do is Win


I taught a workshop about games for meetings and events at a conference in Ventura last month. That night, at a Hosted Buyer dinner at the Ventura Historical Museum, there was an inter-table competition. The banquet’s accents featured the logo for Ventura. “It’s an anagram,” someone said. I internally weighed whether or not to chime

“Always Your Turn” at MPISCC (WE)Con 2016


In January, Wise Guys co-founder Myles Nye was invited to present a session at Meeting Professional International’s Weekend Education Conference for the Southern California Chapter. Here is the Keynote for the presentation, “Always Your Turn: Games and Gamification for Meeting and Events Professionals.”We opened the session with this Danish clapping game, which is now taking

Introducing: Santa-mazing-race-Monica!

IMG_0014 copy

If you’re ready to think on your feet – if you’re ready for your heart to pound while you pound the pavement – if you’re a reality TV junkie who wants your chance to finally get in the race – our newest, most athletic adventure will have you saying, “AMAZING!” Get a sneaker-level view of

Press! The Benefits of Team Building

USC Balls

We have been pleased since going into business in 2009 to be affiliated with such fine professional organizations as Meeting Professionals International, the International Special Events Society, and Association for Training and Development. However, only recently did we learn of the existence of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence. But when we discover something new

That’s Cheating!

Balloominati IndieCade

I wrote a fan letter to Sue Pelletier, whose features are my favorite contributions to the MeetingsNet newsletter. She in turn invited me to write a guest blog post, so I told this story which I have not shared before, of how a group of cheaters enhanced – not sabotaged – a team building game



Sometimes all it takes for a team to get a revived vigor and ability to fire creatively on all cylinders is a day of sun and fun outside of the office and in the fresh ocean air – or as near as you can get on Santa Monica Promenade (steer clear of the elevators). This

Team Building for New Hires – Current Trends


Team Building for New Hires: Current Trends Teamwork is a critical skill. It forms the basis for learning to be a leader. It allows individuals to amplify their talent. It is the one thing that makes it possible for individuals to participate in building something beyond the capabilities of a single person.  It is also

Meet Duffy Boat Double Dare


Introducing our newest team building program, Duffy Boat Double Dare!For corporate groups who want to put their smiles out to sea and their wits to the water, come one come all to Newport Harbor in Orange County. Teams of 3-6 board a Duffy Boat for 2 hours of table games, musical clues, nautical puzzles, plus