Team Building Austin

Team Building Austin: A Capital Idea!

Austin is booming and the vibrant culture of the Live Music Capital of the World makes it the perfect place to host your team building event. We have the best ideas for corporate team building Austin events, whether it’s an executive retreat at the W Austin, an Amazing Race down South Congress, or a pub crawl scavenger hunt on 6th Street. Your team will bond as they’re having fun together out of the office, but that’s just the beginning. Our team building activities shine a spotlight on the team’s diverse talents, while illuminating cool nooks and crannies in every area where we run our novel team building games. We want to make your team building event extraordinary. So tell us: where do you want to play?

Top Team Building Austin Optionsteam building super powers

We’ve got scores of great ideas for team building games that add intelligent fun to your event, from reality TV-style competitions and game shows to scavenger hunts and pub crawls. These exciting choices are always a great fit for groups seeking team building Austin:

Superhero Academy: Our one-of-a-kind charitable adventure is the only team building game where you get to choose your own cape! (For real; most colors available.) Unleash your inner super guy or gal during this half-day team challenge in the park. Leap over tall buildings, smash a la Hulk, and decode the villain’s riddles. You’ll be a do-gooder and have a good time doing it: great choice for corporate social responsibility.

Minute 2 Win It: Full of funny activities and curiously challenging stunts, this indoor or outdoor team building game is guaranteed to satisfy groups of all sizes. We can deliver our version of the beloved game show on-site or off-site. Totally engaging (it’s always your turn) and laugh-out-loud hilarious, you won’t believe how much you can get your team bonding… in 60 seconds or less!

The Amazing Race: It’s more challenging than a scavenger hunt, more real than reality TV, and the most exciting way to deliver high-octane team building to your group of 40 or more. Run, play, bond: but you’ll have to work together as a team if you want to be the first to cross the finish line. Includes personalized puzzles and mental challenges, but be aware: this adventure requires all players to be physically fit.

Best Team Building Austin LocationsUSC-Balls-1024x768

Where do you want your team to play?

Zilker Park Team Building: Home to Austin City Limits, the Botanical Garden, and Barton Springs, Zilker Park has plenty of shady groves and open fields. What better place for a day of team building in the sun?

Downtown Austin: More interested in the bustling city center? Whether your group is here for an event at the Austin Convention Center, has business at the Capitol building, or knows downtown like a local, we have plenty of games that give you a tour of Austin's famous venues. Smell the BBQ at Stubbs, catch the Follies at Esther's, and dodge a tattoo on "dirty" 6th street.

Hotel/Conference Team Building:  Whether you're looking to fill a one-hour breakout session, add an ice breaker to a cocktail hour or reception, or deliver team building entertainment to a group of hundreds in a ball room or conference center, we can bring the experience to you at your hotel, meeting space, or resort. JW Marriott, Four Seasons, Hyatt Place, W Austin, Westin, or Hilton: any one of them is a good pick for our on-site team building games.

Benefits of Team Building with Wise Guys EventsRecharge your team's super powers

Team Bonding: Lift spirits, boost camaraderie, and get your team engaged again! Clients attending our team building exercises report an increase in discretionary effort: co-workers who feel connected are more likely to go the extra mile. That all starts with building your team’s connections to one another. A lifetime of genuine team spirit can start with one half day: if it’s the right one.

Break Down Silos: Every group has its own habits: “Because we’ve always done it this way.” Our games take players out of their comfort zone and breaks them out of ruts. The challenges we throw teams into force them to communicate, delegate, overcome obstacles, and operate within an artificial time constraint in a whole new environment. Disrupt groupthink!

Reduce Turnover: Unengaged employees leave. Replacing them is expensive. If you could save your company the cost and the hassle of replacing disaffected team members who quit, and all it took was showing the team you have that you’re invested and you care about them, wouldn’t you do it?

Never Cheesy: We design challenges for Survivor: we know how to make games exciting enough to draw in even the most skeptical participants. We've been in business since 2009 and we've never done a single trust fall.

And best of all... We take care of everything for you. All you have to do is show up.