To get some work done, take a break and learn the ‘shake

summer is here
c8d49ce6-9b1f-4790-a417-5f5647e09135  For seven years now, we’ve been asking professionals to make up secret handshakes. We never cease to be impressed by the creativity co-workers show off, with their wits and their mitts, when the experience is framed properly and they are given permission to play. Here’s a great example from a recent Santa Monica game.

And it kinda ge
ts you thinking. In some places of business, there’s a secret handshake, of a sort. You can see it in the way they check in with each other, not just about work stuff. You see it in the respect between colleagues, regardless of who takes home more pay at the end of the week. In the way they stick their neck out for the other guy, or gal. It’s the kind of place where nobody says, “That’s not my job.”

Teamwork is a secret handshake. Not much of a secret, I suppose, but a handshake known only to you isn’t much use. And we’re pros at getting your company ready to share that shake.

We’ve become quoted experts in the are of the science behind using games to build teams. We put our own spin on the principles espoused by the great coaches of the professional world. For groups with limited time or budget, we can help steer you to DIY activities that help build your team. Because we want everybody, everywhere to work some place where they can put a hand out and get the secret handshake in return.

Now that summer is here, your team is itching to get outside. They want a break from work so they can get remember how you get work done. Workers are people, and bonds between people need to be strengthened or repaired from time to time. Play does that: it revitalizes dedication.

Are you ready to say: put ‘er there?


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