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Superhero-themed team building field day in a park, with a charitable component. Satisfy your Corporate Super Responsibility!

Treasure! Adventure! Glory! A one-of-a-kind challenge course with dilemmas, surprises, riddles, and a treasure trove of fun.

Our top selling indoor game! (Also available outdoors.) Highly participatory: it’s always your turn. Beat the clock, cream the competition.

Reality TV-style competition. Highly physical! Lasts 3-4 hours. Best for 40+ players in Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Orange County.

Pub crawl scavenger hunt. Drinking NOT required. Think bar bets and pub trivia. Available in rated-PG and rated-R versions.

Our most flexible offering: suitable for events indoors, outdoors, or mixed. Brainteasers, physical games, and a creative twist.

The room escape-style adventure we bring to your workplace or restaurant. Solve puzzles, thwart disaster! Suitable for 6 to 600+.

Photo scavenger hunt with an Assassins/Bounty Hunter twist. Great way to see the city. Flexible, low-cost option.

Ten-challenge suite to test every skill on your team: physical, mental, creative. A well-rounded event for the most competitive teams.

Ahoy Matey! Ocean-going team building! Trivia, puzzles, stunts, and photographic challenges while you cruise the Newport Harbor.