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Mix pub trivia, pub crawl, scavenger hunt, and a double dose of fun on the rocks. Serve shaken (not stirred) and enjoy with friends and co-workers. Best of all, here's something you can binge on without landing in the hospital!

Test your wits and show your competitive side in your choice of bars, or let us select for you. It’s a fun and intimate way to play with your colleagues in the spirit of friendly competition. Tackle our challenges, tickle your funny bone, and pickle your liver.

It’s not a race: the whole group is together the entire time.

  • Test your wits with puzzles and general knowledge pub trivia questions
  • Face-off against the other teams in hilarious inter-team games
  • Showcase your wits in the sure-to-go-viral funny photo challenges

Our variegated challenge course puts a spotlight on your team’s diversity. Anyone can be the hero, and everyone will be sure to enjoy this relaxing and refreshing day outside the office, building memories and camaraderie.


Though there is no drinking required in this game, some clients may choose to book the PG-rated alternative called "Challenge Dash.” Bottoms up!

Think the Wise Guys team can bring some fun to your next team building event? Contact us today for a free quote!