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  • Decathlon

If a little bit of competition isn’t enough for you... if your group has had the life sucked out of them by being inside for hours, or even days… if you want a fun team building gauntlet with all the fixins, and you want the BEST company to run it, you need to Turn It Up To Ten: you need The Decathlon.

The Decathlon is a 10-game suite comprising our most popular challenges:

  • Physical Face-Offs: Olympic athleticism not required
  • Mental Mind-Benders: Brainteasers that won’t leave you brain dead
  • A generous dollop of general dorkiness

Five to ten players per team; up to four teams, all playing together, all at once. Win the most games in the Decathlon and you’ll be crowned champion. Play on the beach or in the park. For an off-site team building adventure that’s always a Perfect 10, get the Decathlon from Wise Guys Events.

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