Real Escape Room Style Puzzle Adventure


SKILL FOCUS: logic, pattern recognition, results under pressure
GAME FEATURES: indoor program, puzzles, video content

For fans of the real-escape room style adventure, this is the program for you. Countdown is the heart-pounding, mind-twisting game of high stakes and quick thinking. We fake the players out by promising them a corny day of trust-falls and name games… only to be interrupted by a breaking news video revealing the deranged threats of a madman: The Confounder. And he hates teamwork. With only 45 minutes before his doomsday device detonates, teams must defeat the Confounder in a battle of wits to thwart his evil plan. Trapped in a room, you’ll have to make sense of twisted puzzles that test your listening skills; spatial intelligence; sense of smell; powers of logic; and pirate lore. Ultimately, the players will need to pool their resources to emerge victorious. You can play this game in your workplace. Click here for a quote.