Enrich your company culture with
playful team building experiences

We create high-end, innovative experiences for companies including Google, Apple, Disney, Nike, and Toyota,

which if you add them up have a larger staff than we do. They love us because their people end up having so much fun, they don’t notice that they’re actually accomplishing something. And did we mention we also design challenges for Survivor? Seriously, did we? We struggle with memory challenges.

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Virtual Team Building for Remote Employees

Customizable experiences that help hybrid employees stay connected and strengthen bonds

We do what we do on a Zoom meeting too. Gazillions of satisfied clients love the way we use laughter and play to galvanize teams learning and working together. We can do the same for you with our remote team building activities. We’ll meet you on the video conferencing platform of your choice, and we might teach you about a feature or two you weren’t aware of. And best of all, now more than ever before, you can count on this guarantee: all our team building games are 100% trust-fall free. Contact us today to start playing our games.

See What It's Like to Play With Us:

Team Building That Doesn’t Make You Cringe

Human Connection

Lift spirits, boost camaraderie, and nurture team bonding

Break Down Silos

In-person adventures to create cross-pollination and combat cliquishness

Reduce Turnover

Un-engaged 👏 employees 👏 leave 👏. Replacing 👏 them 👏 is 👏 expensive 👏.

Never Cheesy

In business since 2009 and we’ve never made anyone build a damn bike.

And best of all… We take care of everything for you. All you have to do is show up.

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