Remote Team Building fun

Don’t do another zoned-out Zoom: let our awesome Game Masters get your team engaged and energized, keeping the human connection strong while you’re working remotely. Our online offerings come in two exciting flavors:

Party Platter: Lighthearted, fun party games that add a creative new wrinkle to the virtual happy hour. We’ve curated a delightful blend of original games plus some twists on familiar favorites. We’ll get you up and out of your chair, moving around the house, laughing and connecting with your team. Suitable for playing with a drink in one hand. (Or both.)

Puzzle Pack: Test your team’s wits with this collection of brain- teasers and rib-ticklers. We’ve adapted some of our most beloved puzzles and designed new classic challenges for video conference play. Solving puzzles together is a great way to practice collaboration. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn your team’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communication, collaboration, and leveraging technology to rise to new challenges.

Remote Team Building Event on Zoom

Does your company need Team Building Games?

  • Are you suddenly a work from home company looking to maintain a robust corporate culture?
  • Has your team worked remotely for years but never truly gelled?
  • Do you need something more than a Slack donut?

We got you covered.

Remote team building comes in three awesome flavors:

Virtual Holiday Party Platter Program

A virtual happy hour with ice breaker games, frenetic in-home (or in-office) scavenger hunt madness, and a grab bag of jolly fun. While very chill, and light on competition, this program is remarkably effective at getting to the core of the team’s humanity and identifying the positive traits each member contributes. Your team will end up feeling more cohesive than before: promise!

Virtual Holiday Party for Zoom

Is your team a bunch of smartypantses? Love to compete? This program will put your mental mettle to the test and find out who’s got the most splendid cerebellum. Part pop culture trivia, part lateral thinking, part word puzzles, and part deduction, this obstacle course for your intelligence is more fun than taking an enneagram test while drinking a beer.

Countdown Remote Escape Room Team Building Program

Please don’t go to brick-and-mortar escape rooms right now. It’s not safe. Instead, from the safety of your home, play our virtual escape game. Solve puzzles, match wits with an evil supervillain, and get a crash course in online collaboration. If you haven’t learned how to co-operate with your co-workers over video conference, now’s the time. The clock is ticking!

Team Building Programs created specifically for individuals working remotely

Wise Guys Events is proud to offer team building programs for individuals working remotely, available over Zoom*, or the video-conferencing service of your choice. Our specialty for over a decade has been real-life games, played without screens, that help strengthen bonds and improve company culture with smart, playful experiences that surprise and delight. With the danger of COVID-19, social distancing means a temporary halt on the kind of program we traditionally deliver, but that shouldn’t mean that your team can’t partake in the benefits of team building at a distance.

African businessman working remotely frustrated team member needing team building exercises

It’s difficult to nurture company culture when we all work in isolation

Teams around the world are starting from scratch and making new plans. Now more than ever it’s important to have robust bonds of trust and support, built on a foundation of good communication, with your co-workers. We can do all that from the comfort of your home.

A Few Remote Team Building Facts

Who: Team building experts Wise Guys Events

What: Offer a remote team building program for groups as small as 3-8, and up to 300

When: 1-2 hour programs scheduled in any time zone

Where: Cyberspace

Why: To keep everyone from going stir crazy. To have a laugh together and keep our fears at bay. To reinforce what makes the team work well together, and begin to identify where there is room for improvement.

BBC interviewee gets interrupted by toddler

Plus, there will be a prize for the person with the cutest/most charming interruption from a child or family member during the program.