Remote Team Building for
Work from Home Teams

We are now offering remote Team Building Games to meet the needs of companies that are suddenly forced to work from home. These are unprecedented times and many choices are being made with what’s best for the company as a whole, with our customizable team building games your employees can stay connected, strengthen bonds and learn new ways to communicate. These team building activity packages are available over the internet and can be deployed over multiple platforms. Contact us today for a quote on remote team building options.

Does your company need Team Building Games?

  • Are you suddenly a work from home company looking to maintain a robust corporate culture?
  • Has your team worked remotely for years but never truly gelled?
  • Do you need something more than a Slack donut?

We got you covered.

Remote team building comes in three awesome flavors:

Remote Team Building Event on Zoom

A virtual happy hour with ice breaker games, get-to-know-you questions, and a grab bag of fun. The focus is on cheery social interaction – light on competition – but also getting to the core of what makes this team tick. We’ll play games, then reflect on what we saw while we played, and what it means for the group to work and succeed as a cohesive unit.

Remote Team Building Puzzle Party

For the more competitive among you, we have a series of original puzzles that will illuminate the strengths and quirks of your team. Does your team possess the right combination of logic, listening, and 80s music references to topple the competition? More serious groups can pair this with a debrief bonus round to dive deeper into team dynamics.

Countdown Remote Virtual Escape Room Team Building Program

There has never been a worse time to hold a team building event at an escape room, but there’s never been a better time to put your mental muscles to the test. We will provide all of the materials* your team needs to join forces and collaborate to defeat a madman intent on destroying the world. Great for small teams or head-to-head competition.

Team Building Programs created specifically for individuals working remotely

Wise Guys Events is proud to offer team building programs for individuals working remotely, available over Zoom*, or the video-conferencing service of your choice. Our specialty for over a decade has been real-life games, played without screens, that help strengthen bonds and improve company culture with smart, playful experiences that surprise and delight. With the danger of COVID-19, social distancing means a temporary halt on the kind of program we traditionally deliver, but that shouldn’t mean that your team can’t partake in the benefits of team building at a distance.

African businessman working remotely frustrated team member needing team building exercises

Let’s speak plainly: It’s jarring and disruptive to suddenly have to work in isolation.

Teams around the world are starting from scratch and making new plans. Now more than ever it’s important to have robust bonds of trust and support, built on a foundation of good communication, with your co-workers. We can do all that from the comfort of your home.

A Few Remote Team Building Facts

Who: Team building experts Wise Guys Events

What: Offer a remote team building program for groups as small as 3-8, or up to 60+

When: 1-2 hour programs scheduled during regular business hours

Where: Cyberspace

Why: To keep everyone from going stir crazy. To have a laugh together and keep our fears at bay. To reinforce what makes the team work well together, and begin to identify where there is room for improvement.

BBC interviewee gets interrupted by toddler

Plus, there will be a prize for the person with the cutest/most charming interruption from a child or family member during the program.

*Zoombombers not included unless you pay for the premium upgrade.