Original Games to Delight and Dazzle Your Group

Below are our 15+ off-the-shelf offerings, and one fake one. They are ready to go, and we have deployed them to add gobs of intelligent fun to events with grateful clients scores of times (hundreds even). Pick any one of these popular programs and learn more about them, except, you know, one of them. All the others are dynamic, engaging games we can fit in your time, space, and taste parameters. If you like what you see below, let’s start a conversation so we can answer your questions and furnish you with choices and prices. And who doesn’t want to be well-furnished?

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  • Creativity
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  • Remote Team Building
  • University Games

Virtual teams need love too! Our lively programs engage your remote workforce with creative, competitive, and collaborative challenges.

Superhero-themed team building field day in a park, with a charitable component. Satisfy your Corporate Super Responsibility!

Treasure! Adventure! Glory! A one-of-a-kind challenge course with dilemmas, surprises, riddles, and a treasure trove of fun.

Our top selling indoor game! (Also available outdoors.) Highly participatory: it’s always your turn. Beat the clock, cream the competition.

Reality TV-style competition. Highly physical! Lasts 3-4 hours. Best for 40+ players in Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Orange County.

Pub crawl scavenger hunt. Drinking NOT required. Think bar bets and pub trivia. Available in rated-PG and rated-R versions.

Our most flexible offering: suitable for events indoors, outdoors, or mixed. Brainteasers, physical games, and a creative twist.

The room escape-style adventure we bring to your workplace or restaurant. Solve puzzles, thwart disaster! Suitable for 6 to 600+.

Photo scavenger hunt with a fun, creative twist. A great way to see your city or explore a resort. Excellent entry point, low-cost option.

Ten-challenge suite to test every skill on your team: physical, mental, creative. A well-rounded event for the most competitive teams.

Ahoy Matey! Ocean-going team building! Trivia, puzzles, stunts, and photographic challenges while you cruise the Newport Harbor.

Hilarious game show that’s fun to play and entertains audiences. Indoor program that pairs well with drinks and apps.

Learn to think on your feet, truly listen, and collaborate. Anxiety-free improvisational skills for non-performers. No skits. Just “Yes and.”

Wizard-school themed photo scavenger hunt with a twist. Ideal for schools, colleges, and universities. Great orientation/welcome week offering.

First-class orientation and welcome week games for undergrads, medical students, future lawyers, and more. Favorite of USC, UCLA, and others.

Want to play “Booze Clues” except the name is a deal-breaker? We’ve renamed the game to be 100% invoice-appropriate.