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We specialize in live, interactive, team building games, along the lines of the challenges on SURVIVOR. In fact, we really design challenges for Survivor! Mostly, though, we create high-end, innovative experiences for companies including Google, Apple, Disney, Nike, Toyota, and many more. They love working with us because their people end up having so much fun, they don’t notice that they’re actually accomplishing something.

Team building is our specialty, and our peerless programs of “intelligent fun” benefit your company by strengthening and engaging your whole team.

In business since 2007 and we’ve never done a single trust fall

Mad Scientist Designers

Greg Snyder

The Brains

Game design, graphic design, mischief
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Myles Nye

The Talent

Puzzles, improv, choosing the radio station
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Greg and Myles:

Refreshingly Non-Evil Game Designers

We believe in the benefits of purposeful play because we’ve seen them time after time. Designing challenges for reality TV, teaching workshops on improvisation for professionals, and facilitating corporate team building games has shown us that groups who get to play together can learn to work together, no matter how different or diverse their backgrounds may be.

We’re both from the San Francisco Bay Area, but we met at UCLA in the early 2000s, as undergraduates. There we co-created the most successful TV show on the student station. It was our first time working together and we found our skills overlapped and complemented each other nicely. Plus we like working together, and we love playing together.

Wise Guys Events is our first business: we began in Greg’s garage. It’s been ten years, and we’ve produced countless team building events for hundreds of clients in Southern California and beyond. Making up games that help businesses be better is our full-time job.

When we are not creating and delivering spectacular games or providing exquisite customer service, we do lots of room escapes together. We are also raising the next generation of wise guys. (No girls yet.)

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