Amazing Race

Location: Outdoor program
Group Size: Best for groups of 40+
Unique Feature: Highly physical game!
Duration: 2-4 hours

Does your team have a need for speed and a competitive drive like none other? Then take the supreme reality TV challenge with our city-wide adventure full of puzzles, skill games, and a prime-time adrenaline rush! Teams race to checkpoints, completing tasks, tangling with brain teasers, and facing off against the competition to move ever close to the finish line.

You’ll need to have wits, stamina, and mental fortitude to succeed but be forewarned: unlike our other offerings, this game requires a certain level of physical fitness from all participants. Players will travel 2-3 miles by foot, so this offering may not be suitable for all professional groups.

Previous clients played at:

  • Santa Monica Pier (most popular)
  • San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter
  • San Francisco’s Embarcadero
  • Tahoe Ritz-Carlton
  • We can create a custom game for you in the location of your choosing!


With just the right blend of mental, physical, and team-oriented activities, this game is a premium, prime-time experience

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