Location: Outdoor program. Great way to see the sights while you play.
Group Size: Best for groups of 12-1000.
Duration: 2.5 hours

Unleashing your team’s creativity is as easy as saying “point and shoot.” With a diabolical wrinkle that will have surprise betrayals and alliances cracking your group up, Camera Assassins is the picture perfect team building choice for any location.

Our most flexible selection: play anywhere at all, urban or rural!

To score points, teams must complete 25 photo challenges that have more in common with Adam Sandler than Ansel Adams. Can you re-create an album cover… that ISN’T “Abbey Road”? Represent 5 different emoji in a single picture? Take a picture captioned “Day after 21st birthday”?

Teams must work together to finish, but beware: someone in the game is trying to “assassinate” you with a weapon that could include 80s dance moves, hula hoops, or your high school’s mascot.

High-energy and hilarious, this game rewards cooperative efforts and individual sneakinessCare to take a shot?

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