Challenge Dash

Location: Indoor program. Play it at your favorite bars or non-drinking establishments
Group Size: Best for groups of 12-60
Duration: 2-4 hours. Inquire about modifying timeline.

We’ll thrill your teams with a lively, challenging, side-splitting competition in this unforgettable in- person team building game. Who has the wit and the grit to claim the trophy? We think you’ve got what it takes.

In this “pub-crawl inspired” experience, teams get rowdy at 3 venues to face off with creative photo challenges, mind-bending puzzles, and head-to- head battles of memory, dexterity, and sneakiness!

Drinking is not required but fun is unavoidable. This event is inspired by pub trivia and bar bets, but it’s a great fit for mixed groups with drinkers and non- drinkers alike.

Build camaraderie, reignite your team’s engagement, and get together in person for some lively, friendly competition. You’ll toast the winner, or the losers, or maybe you’ll just raise a glass to the whole team being awesome, and making the time to get together and make some memories. Or at least, some of you will remember it.


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