Champions of the World

Location: Indoor or outdoor program. Ideal for hotel/resort locations.
Group Size: Best for groups of 30-100. Teams of 6-10 players.
Duration: 2 hours

♦ Wise Guys Signature Game

Set your course for adventure with this exploration-themed suite of exhilarating, globe-trotting challenges.

  • You’ll feel just like Indiana Jones as you complete challenges including:
    • Use a whip to knock golden spheres off pillars without upsetting the Temple Gods
    • Airlift supplies to South America, tossing beanbags at a jumbo sized map
    • Guide a blindfolded teammate stepping across letter tiles to spell out a victory
  • You get a jumbo dose of face time and play not just with your own team but with all the other teams as well.

Teams must grapple with a dilemma: for each mini-game you play, your team wins gold coins.

    • If you can hold on to enough treasure, you’ll win for being the richest team.
    • Unless… you buy clues from the Trading Post, leading you to the location of a treasure map.
    • Use the map to find the treasure chest hidden somewhere on the hotel property, and your team can win eternal glory!

Horde the coins or spend them? That’s the decision every team has to make, provoking stimulating discussion and strategy talk.

All the adventure and excitement of the first three Indiana Jones movies with none of the disappointment of the fourth one. Start your adventure today!

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