Champions of the World

Location: Indoor or outdoor program. Ideal for hotel/resort locations.
Group Size: Best for groups of 12-250. Teams of 6-10 players.
Duration: Approx 2 hours

♦ Wise Guys Signature Game

Set your Dial of Destiny for adventure in this thrilling, brainy competition that blows the crowd away and whisks them around the globe! Inspired by the adventures of a famous hero in a hat, you’ll face off against every other team in original mini-games that test your dexterity, sharp eyes, lightning reflexes, and puzzle solving ability.

You’ll get to show off your physical and mental skills, take risks, and be the best communicators to win every aspect of the competition. Winners are rewarded with gold coins, but you have a dilemma: keep your treasure? Or buy clues to the location of the hidden treasure? Strategy, cooperation, and creative problem solving make this an experience your players will remember a long time.


Unlike certain artifacts, fun like this doesn’t belong in a museum. Start your adventure today!

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