Company Feud

Location: Indoor program. Great in a conference room or ballroom, and works in a banquet room of a restaurant.
Group Size: Best for 10-32 players
Audience Size: Unlimited
Duration: 1.5 hours (2 full games, including “Fast Money”)

You’ll laugh and compete in this classic re-framing of the game show you know from TV! Suitable for the workplace, this indoor offering is a familiar game teams will enjoy competing against and showing their wits as they answer our hilarious survey-based questions!

The players are volunteers, or sometimes “volunteers.” You get to choose! We can personalize the game for your company, or get the group cracking up with our specially selected material.

For an upgrade, customize play with bespoke rounds about company culture or products and tie the experience in with the theme of your offsite or retreat.

The lively comedy MC keeps the show moving and, unlike on the 70’s version of the show, no one will try to kiss you. You’re welcome.

Think the Wise Guys team can bring some fun to your next team building event? Contact us today for a free quote!