Compass Rows

Compass Rows Puzzle

Not to put him on a pedestal, but Indiana Jones is the greatest adventurer of all time. Still, he’d be the first to admit he couldn’t do it alone. He had help from his friends and from his tools. Right now we need you to help him pack for his next adventure.

Some of the adventure TOOLS listed on the compass pages below can be matched to the PICTURES above. Not every tool and not every image will be used.

When you have paired an image with a title, circle ONE of the four letters surrounding that image. Use the side of the compass where the TOOL is listed to determine which letter to circle. When you’ve done every match correctly, read all circled letters from from top to bottom and left to right, and you’ll reveal a FOUR-WORD ANSWER PHRASE. Say that answer to your host to solve the puzzle. Say it to Indiana himself and you might get a dirty look.