Countdown – Escape Room That Comes to You

Location: Indoor program. We can bring it to your office, a bar, or a conference room.
Group Size: Best for groups of 12-1000
Duration: 1-1.5 hours

For a mind-bending puzzle suite that’s more high spirit and less high stakes, play “Countdown,” the room escape experience we bring to you!

Wise Guys Game Masters on site facilitate your experience: we take the whole thing off your plate! Teams crack up while they crack codes, tangling with tangrams, decoding odors, and trying to corral solutions out of barnyard animal noises. It’s a fun and lively mental challenge!

Teams have so much fun with this adventure that they don’t realize they’re accomplishing something. The diverse array of skills needed to succeed put a spotlight on the hidden talents of everyone in your team, fostering camaraderie and building up positive associations and fond memories.

Lateral thinking, deductive reasoning, and multi-sensory communication styles are the real keys to solving the experience: the “aha” moment makes it all worth while. Can you solve the puzzles and save the day?

Think the Wise Guys team can bring some fun to your next team building event? Contact us today for a free quote!