Countdown – Escape Room That Comes to You

Location: Indoor program. We can bring it to your office, a bar, or a conference room.
Group Size: Best for groups of 12-500
Duration: 1 hour

A diabolical madman… a ticking clock… a bevy of brainteasers… do you have what it takes to solve all the puzzles before disaster strikes?

  • In our room escape-style team building experience, players tackle a suite of puzzles comprising diverse skills and requiring everyone on the team to apply their talents.
  • Teams must use sense of smell, spatial intelligence, pattern recognition, lateral thinking, and much more.
  • The answers to each puzzle add up to one final puzzle: the first team to solve that will disable the doomsday device and be the heroes!
  • This program is best when paired with our Bonus Round, the one hour debrief where we talk about the game we just played and how it connects to our roles in the workplace.
    • What were instances of leadership you saw on display?
    • How did your team delegate?
    • How did you overcome obstacles when you were stumped?
    • A trained facilitator creates a safe space and allows the conversation to flourish, driving home the benefits of the team building game.

Ready to solve the day?

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