Does your company team building activity need an original option? Our corporate offsite activity choices will save the day.


Location: Perfect for the beach or a park, but can be modified for indoor play
Group Size: For groups of 12-40
Duration: 1.5-3 hours, inquire about timeline for your group

Are you ready for a team building game that turns the fun up to TEN? The Decathlon is a greatest- hits suite of our most popular original puzzles, games, and challenges from over 15 years of designing playful experiences for professionals.

On-site game masters facilitate your experience. Teams face off in hilarious, creative challenges that are suitable for every type of body:

  • Physical Face-Offs: A new spin on Pictionary drawn on a Frisbee: we call it Catch-a-Sketch!
  • Mental Mind-Benders: Use your sense of taste to figure out the secret password spelled out by flavors of Jelly Bellies
  • Customize Your Experience: Tell us about your group so we can calibrate the levels of sporty / brainy / boozy / choosy!

Often played on the beach or in the park, this is a premium team building adventure that’s always a Perfect 10. Get the Decathlon from Wise Guys Events!

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