Dr. Doomlittle Directions

Unlike some other villains I am always kind to the animals in my menagerie, though admittedly I was forced to consolidate their dwelling units. I have three cages and each has 6 animals in it now. I’ve provided you the sounds my three cages make. If you were to write out, in order, the first letters of the names of the animals in any cage, you’d have a 6-letter string.

Arrange the three cages just right and those strings, run together, spell out the name of our favorite song. Except, one letter is missing from that title and it’s driving me crazy. I need you to name an animal that starts with that letter, so I can add it to my collection and complete the song title.

By the way, I keep things pretty orderly, so you don’t need to re-arrange the animals within any cage.

And for you visual people, here’s my vision board showing every animal in my collection, plus some others I don’t have yet but want to. If it isn’t pictured below, it isn’t in my cages. And if your message isn’t making sense, don’t always blame your ears; remember that some animals go by more than one name.

Doomlittle Animal gallery