Drawn Together

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When I invite other supervillains over, I make a mean seven-layer dip. It’s their favorite kind. This puzzle also has seven layers, but you’ll have to do the work yourself to assemble the whole enchilada.

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Layer 1        Layer 2        Layer 3        Layer 4        Layer 5       Layer 6        Layer 7

Follow the links, then come back and replicate what you saw by drawing it on the solving grid I’ve provided below. Have one participant do a screenshare of this page then have everyone use the annotation function to recreate the drawings on the 7 layers.

Drawn Together Online Solving Grid

When the 7 layers are all consolidated on your Solving Grid, they will combine to form an arresting question and a partial illustration that may shed some light on my identity. The last letter of the question’s 4-letter answer is the clue you need to draw some conclusions about who I am.