Drawn Together title

I’ve never fit in socially: I push people away even though I want them close. Take you for instance. I want to defeat you but I also want to give you hints. I want you to stay together as a team but I need you to split up for this puzzle.

There are 7 layers to this puzzle posted around the internet: you’ll find links to them with your solving grid here. Follow the links, then return to the solving grid and replicate what you saw by drawing it on your team’s Solving Grid. When all 7 images are consolidated correctly on the grid, they will combine to form an arresting question and a partial illustration. The last letter of the question’s 4-letter answer is the clue you need to draw some conclusions about who I am.

You’ll want to make a copy of that slide so your team can edit it. And you’ll want to mark it up with the text boxes and the scribble function. If that sounds like the ramblings of a madman, just watch the video below for a more sensible explanation: