Our improv workshop is the perfect team building activity to get your staff building relationships and skills.

Improvisation for Professionals

Location: Indoor program
Group Size: 12-200
Duration: 1-3 hours. Inquire about duration for your group

Looking for a fun way to build some new skills and foster camaraderie in your team? This hands-on workshop will improve your organization’s performance and break you out of silos, bringing the group to a whole new level. We

Your facilitator draws on games from improvisational theater, playground games, and more. But it’s not about saying funny things or putting on a show: we’re putting tools in your toolbox and super-charging your players with new, playful ways to develop communication and trust.

Everyone is on their feet and engaged the entire time, pushing your boundaries in a safe, supportive way through a curated list of dynamic exercises.

  • Collaboration
  • Overcoming fear of failing
  • Listening to receive vs. listening to respond
  • Skillfully deploying the magic of “yes and” thinking
  • Managing conflict
  • Team alignment
  • Time management
  • And more!

We use a variety of different games and set you up for success to effect real, meaningful change on your team.

Think the Wise Guys team can bring some fun to your next team building event? Contact us today for a free quote!