Our improv workshop is the perfect team building activity to get your staff building relationships and skills.

Improvisation for Professionals

Location: Indoor program
Group Size: 8-100
Duration: 1, 2, 3 hour or half-day programs available

In this workshop, we will play some games, and then we’ll talk about what playing them was like. That’s the whole agenda. The talking part focuses on what we saw when we played, how we felt, what’s the meaning of it all. The playing games part involves schoolyard games (but no schoolyard picks), storytelling games (but no skits), and trust games (but no trust falls). 

The fun begins in minutes – hooting and hollering is commonplace – but unlike other fun activities (bowling, ballpark, other places people drink) the games in this workshop have the ability to transform your team: how they see each other, and how they work together. With us there to help, your group can play together and see new things, while having a rollicking good time doing it. 

Your facilitator steers the group discussion to subjects such as:

  • facing failing
  • the role follow-through plays in trust
  • the rareness of listening profoundly 
  • applying the skills of improvisors to the specific environment of your workplace

We aim to prove that playing these games can make your company and your life better, even if this is the only time you play them.

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