Location: Indoor program
Group Size: 8-100
Duration: 1, 2, 3 hour or half-day programs available

Wise Guys Events offers a hands-on workshop based on the principles of improvisational theater. It’s not about being funny or putting on a show (there are no “skits”) but rather using the same fundamentals used by professional improvisers to help establish rapport, trust, and communication. Participants will be engaged throughout and on their feet almost the entire time. The games and exercises in the 2-hour workshop address such topics as

  • the transformative power of saying “yes, and”
  • profound listening
  • meaningful communication
  • brainstorming
  • risk-taking
  • willingness to fail
  • collaboration

Your instructor will personalize some of the exercises to make them relevant to your industry and discipline, for no additional cost.

For a playful, professional experience that will change the way you communicate and give you a lot to think about, try this popular offering.

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