Our clients always have a great time with our team building offsite programs

Minute 2 Win It

Location: Indoors or outdoors
Group Size: Recommended for groups of 12 – 400 players. Teams of 4-8 players.
Duration: 2 hours. Inquire about duration for your group

Our most popular offering!

Can your team muster the skills and the stamina to work together and secure a place in the winner’s circle? We bring the high-energy fun from the stunt-based TV game show right to you! In-person game masters guide you through a gut-busting gauntlet of challenges testing your balance, steady hands, speed, dexterity, and strategy.

Our smooth flow of play keeps teams moving from station to station, getting face off with every team as they progress through the competition. It’s hands-on, engaging team building, and it’s always your turn.

  • Can you stack five apples in a vertical tower that stays standing for a count of three?
  • Stack Chapsticks using chopsticks?
  • Blindly set up and knock down a domino rally of cereal boxes?

Within minutes, the room where we play this game is full of gasps, cheers, applause, people going completely nuts: it’s a lively party every time!


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