Duffy Boat Double Dare

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Board a Duffy Boat with your team of 5 and race to be the first to reach all of five landmarks around the harbor. But hold on there, sailor: it'll take more than just speed and sea legs to win this game. You'll need your wits about you as well.

Aboard each boat is a Wise Guys game master to cheer your team on and lead you in a variety of challenges. Part skipper and part game show host, the game master navigates your team in games of skill, memory, brains, balance, and teamwork as you race to beat the competition.

The fastest teams to visit all 5 destinations around the harbor and reach the finish line receive a bonus, but you also get points for completing challenges. Do you have the nautical knowledge and the need for speed to claim the trophy?

This game is only available in Orange County.

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