Super Hero Academy

Location: Outdoor program. Could be played indoors in a large venue.
Group Size: Best for groups of 10-60.
Unique Feature: Non-competitive (collaborative)
Duration: 3 hours

♦ Wise Guys Signature Game

Go from being just colleagues to the justice league! In support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, or your local charitable organization, this very special team building experience uniquely ties in a charitable component.

  • Forget build-a-bike: Superhero Academy is hands-down the most fun you can have with corporate social responsibility.

In a series of mini-games in the park, you’ll learn to be a hero while supporting those who appreciate heroes most.

    • Leap over tall buildings.
    • Smash atoms like the Hulk.
    • Solve the devious villain’s taunting riddles.
    • And did we mention everyone can wear a cape?
    • You’ll overcome your limitations, break free of the everyday world, and challenge your mental muscles, courage, and character.

Best of all, a generous portion of your team building dollars goes directly to the charitable cause you support:

  • Players film creative video care packages that are delivered to the hospital along with gifts chosen off their wish list.
  • Gift delivery is handled after the game by Wise Guys Events
  • The big finish of the game includes the “diploma” document revealing the donation made to the hospital in your name.

The kids won’t know who you are (because you’ll be masked), but they’ll know you showed them how to be a hero.

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