Super Hero Academy

Location: Outdoor program
Group Size: Best for groups of 8-60.
Unique Feature: Non-competitive (collaborative)
Duration: Approx 3 hours

♦ Wise Guys Signature Game

For a thrilling half-day in the park you’ll never forget, choose this amazing challenge course for aspiring Avengers. Why be just colleagues when you could be the Justice League? This charitable team building game will give your players a chance to aim high and high-five, while supporting a noble cause.

Overcome mundane limitations and matriculate your inner superhero. You’ll break free of the everyday world and challenge your mental muscles, courage, and character. Feel the super-speed rush when you leap over “tall” buildings in our superhero course and work together to vanquish the villains before time runs out.

You can select a charity to support – many of our past clients have chosen Children Hospital Los Angeles or UCSF Childrens Hospital in Oakland – and we’ll deliver both a video care package (created by your team!) and an accompanying gift: in-kind donations of wish-list items for the kiddos.

We take care of everything on the day of the event, including delivering the gifts and greetings after the game is over.

They won’t know who you are under that mask, but they’ll know you showed them how to be a hero.

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