You’ve got a shot to celebrate with your employees and remind them of how much you appreciate them in these difficult times. Our light-hearted programs will lift everyone’s spirits and bring some much needed cheer to the workplace.

Each program comes with energetic hosts, engaging games expertly designed to maximize participation and bolster camaraderie, and free consultation on your PPP forgiveness application*.

Virtual Holiday Party Host for Remote Holiday Party
2020 was a bummer. But it doesn't have to go out that way.

Which Festive Program is on Your Wishlist?

Virtual Holiday Party Platter Program

Jolly party games to shake that bowl full of jelly. Perfect with a drink in one hand. Two drinks and you’re on the naughty list.

Virtual Holiday Party for Zoom

Like eggnog for eggheads. These entertaining brain teasers add just enough competitive spice to mull your mind cider.

Countdown Remote Escape Room Team Building Program

Escape the room without leaving your house. More challenging than escaping a conversation with your libertarian uncle.

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