About Our Games

Every Event Comes With:

    • On-site team building game master to facilitate the exercise, keep everyone safe and happy while playing, and lead a post-game debrief 
    • Costumed characters and incognito secret agents who lead teams in additional teamwork challenges and provide clues
    • Cameras, clues, and all the tools you’ll need for your adventure
    • Original, brain-teasing puzzles
    • Hilarious (yet safe) physical challenges
    • Zany inter-team game play
    • Wrap session / scoring ceremony with comedy emcee
    • Private online archive of creative photos and videos created during the course of your event.

What Do You Get?

If planning a team building event were easy, you’d do it yourself. That’s why you let us do everything. Simply tell us where and when you want to play, and we take care of the rest.

Wondering what the difference is between our games? Imagine you’ve invited some friends over for the evening. You open a bottle of wine, and you might play Trivial Pursuit, you might play Scrabble, and you might play Taboo. Those games aren’t the same, but they accomplish the same thing. Similarly, all our games include a blend of challenges that highlight your team’s diversity and improve their team dynamics, but they all do it in a different way. You can learn more about any game by clicking on it.

We can also custom build the perfect game for your event!


You‘ll see improved employee performance in these areas:

    • Communication
    • Collaboration
    • Time management
    • Leadership
    • Calculated Risk-Taking
    • Productivity
    • Lateral thinking
    • Persuasion
    • Bold Action